Monday, April 23, 2012

Stupid free vacuum sealer!

A few years back, when we bought our freezer, the store had a special offer where you get a vacuum sealer unit with every freezer purchase. Until now, I haven't used it but I've been eagerly awaiting having dehydrated all the things for a few camping meals so I could try it out... Okay, I got tired of waiting. I've been dehydrating stuff, but not all that much yet, so yesterday I decided to just throw some stuff into one of the bags and see how well it worked. It didn't. I was so disappointed. I guess this is why they were giving them away free, and I knew it wasn't one of the good, known name brands but I thought it would still do the job until I could get a better one. What you have to do is cut a piece off the roll, then seal the open sides, leaving one to put your food in...The seal actually melted holes through so there was no way it could vacuum all the air out. Very sad. Maybe next week I'll see about getting a Foodsaver. On the other hand, I made up a batch of refried beans from scratch the other night, starting with dry pinto beans, and then I dehydrated the whole batch. They turned out very well, though I have yet to try rehydrating some. Once I have, I'll post the recipe. Very excited to have burritos and quesadillas in the woods. Today I might try dehydrating some salsa to go with these meals.

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