Thursday, December 6, 2012

What experiments to try next

I've been busy drying ingredients so I can try out a few of the recipes from The Complete Trail food Cookbook and have finally managed to get a good basic assortment of dried vegetables.  My goal today is to try making Three Sister's Soup.  I'll post later with my thoughts on how it worked out.

I've also been busy browsing my recipe books in search of meals that can be adapted for camping, whether that be something with minimal prep for car camping, or something that can be dehydrated and taken canoe camping or backpacking.

The first step will be to try the recipe as is, at home, and see how it passes the kiddy test.  If that goes well (and I don't get my hopes may have noticed Bubbie is a bit picky) then I'll break it down and see if its better to make the recipe as a whole and dry it, or dry the ingredients individually.  I haven't really gotten to this part yet, which really depresses me.  I'm starting to think I never will.  So far I've tried three recipes that looked like they had a lot of potential for camp food.  One would have been awesome in the dutch oven, and the other two I'm pretty sure could have been modified for backpacking.  As always, three out of the four of us liked it, and one merely nibbled a bite smaller than a mouse would eat and pushed it away.  Something tells me she'll be eating a lot of instant rice and spaghetti on camping trips.

On the other hand, last year on our Mew Lake trip, she ate things I didn't think she'd eat, and not only ate them, but went back for seconds and thirds.  I don't know if the trick is to only let her try things at camp, or if that was a fluke.  I know there's that magic "all food tastes awesome at camp" phenomena....hmmm

Anyway, lots of drying going on here, and there should be some good experiments over the next few days.  One recipe I want to try modifying this week is called Caribbean potato and kidney bean curry.  The picture looked good anyway...but then they always do, don't they?

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