Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ken Reid Conservation Area

We did a short hike through Ken Reid today since the weather was nice. After a quick stop at the grocery store for picnic essentials, we headed to the park. Ken Reid is located just north of Lindsay, off highway 35 (take Ken Rei road) and is a good place for an easy hike. There are a lot of trail options, but for the most part they are relatively flat. There are some trails with exposed roots to trip the feet, so watch your step.

We parked at the beach and decided to do the point trail which is 2.8km. To start, you head down the cedar forest trail (my favourite section) then take the boardwalk. On the other side, you can go to the left, which puts you on the camp loop (729m) or to the right to take the Point Loop. There is a centre trail as well that takes you to the group camping field and a picnic shelter. We always stop here on the way back from the point, because the kids like to pump the old water pump.

The point trail takes you mostly along the shore of Sturgeon Lake, through cedar forests. There was a lot of recent beaver activity, and we saw a lot of ducks and geese in the water. They weren't too close so it was hard to tell but I noted mallard ducks, as well as possibly loons and common mergansers.

Ken Reid is a bird sanctuary but we hardly ever see birds because the kids make too much noise. They are getting better but still, without fail, when I see a bird and try to either get a picture or spot it with my binoculars, they start making a racket and scare the birds off. Stupid me got the kids their own binoculars for Easter then forgot to bring them with us. *sigh*

For our picnic, I did the lazy thing today. We stopped at Loblaws and grabbed a Veggie and Dip tray, a demi-baguette, some bruschetta, and some cookies. To be honest I didn't think the kids would like the bruschetta but to my surprise they did. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. Yes it was a little awkward to eat. We ripped chunks off the bread and spooned the bruschetta onto them, which got a little messy but it was fun.

I know the dollar store has small bamboo cutting boards, I might pick up a few of them for camping and picnics. They were only about 4"X5" or so, perfect to fit in a backpack or picnic bag along with a small knife.


  1. how do you "spook" bruschetta onto bread?

    Sounds like fun. I have a small bamboo cutting board like that at work. I use it to eat sandwiches on. Very handy.

  2. okay, first you have to be very, very quiet....this is why I didn't think it would work with the kids. They are never, ever quiet.

    LOL I was going go back and fix the typo but now I think I'll leave it.