Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why I love Spring!

There are so many things to do in spring to get ready for camping. Every time I get to do one, I get all excited, because it's one step closer to actually going out there and camping.

Today we pulled our camper out of it's winter storage place, tucked between the garage and the fence. Not only did I get to pull out all my camp dishes but the kids found toys they hadn't seen since last fall.

Also, in the last few weeks, Chris and I have gone to a closed Provincial Park, and just walked around, checking out the beaches, the sites and picked out exactly where we want to stay when we go there. There is something very peaceful about a provincial park before it's full of people. That's why I like going early in the year, so you can have the comforts of an organized campground, but with the privacy you'd get in the back country...almost.

We've also gone to various camping stores and bought some new toys. The kids got to go to Bass Pro Shops for the first time and both of them fell in love. They have decided they want cots now for when we tent camp...all I can say is, I won't be the one carrying them over portages. Alright, I probably will, but only after I've made them carry them for a while first.

So, this week, I'll be washing all my camping dishes, getting some bins that will fit in the under-seat storage areas for our gear, and redoing our packing master lists. I might try out some new recipes as well, and post them here if they turn out.

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