Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Resolutions

I guess it's a few days later than most people write up their New Years Resolutions, but to be honest I wasn't going to actually make any this year.  Then I started thinking about it, and decided I should.

So let's get the cliche one out of the way.  I want to get into shape.  Yes I want to look better in a bikini, and yes, I'd love to fit into the size 6 "goal pants" I bought on the clearance rack at Old Navy.  But my real reason is so that I can handle the longer hikes, portages and steep hills without falling into a huffing, panting mess at the end.  I don't need to be able to sprint up the hills like Chris, but I'd at least like to make it up them without feeling like my knees aren't going to give out.

The whole family has a goal of doing more canoe camping this year.  As much as we love our Boler, we are really eager to get away from the crowds and noise of front country camping.  Last year, Bubbie brought her friend along for a quick one night trip to Balsam Lake PP.  She was a bit embarrassed because her friend goes crown land camping with her dad, and let's face it, Balsam Lake isn't exactly on the same level.

Shoot Video!  I go on every trip planning to shoot video so I can make trip logs, but I just always forget, or only remember a few times and end up with not enough footage to make it worth while.

Explore new places!  We tend to go to a spot, have a great time, and then go back over and over again, I'd especially like to check out Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands PP and the Noganosh/Island Lake areas.

Train the dog!  Ugh!  When we got him, I'd already read that Australian Cattle Dogs were for experienced dog owners, but we've had dogs all our life so I figured no problem.  He's a stubborn little brat though and tests me on everything daily.  I still haven't taught him not to drag me down the road, not to chase cars and he barks at me for no reason that I can figure out...all friggin' day.  So, yes, training Biscuit is a goal.

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