Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Celebrity Sighting...

Okay, so with how excited the kids were, you'd think we'd seen Zac Efron or some other Disney teen star, but no, we saw Kevin Callan today while shopping in Peterborough.  I actually almost ran him over in the crowds, then realized who it was I'd almost barrelled into.  

There's a few trip logs almost ready to post.  I'm just trying to get the photos in, and then I'll post them.  I'm busy drying up meals for an upcoming trip, and resorting through all the gear to figure out what we do and don't need for this next one.  The living room and dining room look like an outdoors store puked all over them.

Has anyone else been camping yet this summer?  How about hiking?  We found the deer flies to be horrible the other day when we went for a day trip to Petroglyph's Provincial Park.  How's everyone else finding the bugs so far this summer?

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