Thursday, June 27, 2013

First Day of Summer Vacation....

and we are sitting at home, doing nothing.  Both kids are getting over a phlegmy cough and sore throat that was going around the school the last week, and it looks like it might storm.  Not a great start to their summer holiday.  Last year we spent the first day of freedom with a picnic at the beach, but I guess there's something to be said for just relaxing.  Both of them had EQAO tests this year, and though they both claimed the tests were easy, there was a lot of stress involved.

I even got up early and made up some picnic stuff, then nobody wanted to go anywhere!  I guess we can just sit outside and eat lunch...if the rain holds off.  Chris is out spraying the weeds in an overgrown area of the back yard,  so it reeks of vinegar out there.  Not sure I want to sit outside in that, but we'll see.

With only a few days until our next camping trip, we'll be packing and organizing a lot, but I still hope to spend some time working on our old-jeans-picnic-blanket.  I started cutting out squares for it and it's kind of an annoying task.  You know, one of those jobs that seems like it should be easy, but in reality is slow going and frustrating.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the start of their kid's summer holidays.  Stay safe.

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