Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So...I should be packing...

Chris and I are planning to do a one night canoe trip this weekend and I haven't even started organizing our gear. Why?  Well for one, we haven't settled on a spot.  Do we want to go to the Frost Centre? Algonquin? Try to find Crown Land? Maybe Kawartha Highlands?  I'm leaning towards the Frost Centre myself because it's somewhere I always talked about going when I was in school, pouring over the maps in Kevin Callan's Cottage Country Canoe Routes.  Or Maybe the Massassagua?

Second, the weather forecast for the weekend is decidedly grim.  Rain on friday. Thunderstorms saturday and sunday.  I probably should have expected it. Not only does rain equal damp ground, damp wood and, well, damp everything, but it also means bugs, bugs,bugs.  It's not that far from being July, but the mosquitoes and black flies are still abundant and I'd rather not spend my whole trip hiding like a coward in the tent.

So, I guess we play it by ear.  See how the weather reports look over the next few days and get the gear prepped just in case.  We'll probably go regardless, unless it looks like the weather will be as bad as during our trip to Killarney...

How many of you have camped at the Frost Centre area?  Any suggestions for best route, best campsite?

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