Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Third Time Unlucky

It seems like things are conspiring against me and my plans for camping this year.  We were supposed to go to Mew Lake in Algonquin for a few nights on my birthday, but Bubbie had a workshop for a school sport she had to go to.

Our Easter plan to go up to Algonquin for a picnic and some hiking fell through too.  My mum and I misunderstood each other and she thought we weren't going, so her and dad went without us.  We were heading up to meet them at their house and when I texted her to let her know, she informed me they were already in Dwight.

As for our first booked car camping trip?  Bubbie's got another school event for the first day of that trip, so we won't be getting the early start I'd been hoping for.

But hey, if you believe in things happening in threes…that means the summer shouldn't have any issues, right?

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