Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day Trip: Algonquin Park - Leaf Lake Trails - March 16, 2015

Monday of March Break was beautiful this year, so we piled all our stuff into the car and headed up to Algonquin Park to do some skiing.  Last year, the kids and Chris had skied the smalls loop of the Leaf Lake Trail while I walked Biscuit around the Logging Museum Trail (3 times) and they were really eager for me to join them this year.

As we were getting our skis on, one of the Park Staff pulled in and asked us some questions.  He informed us the smallest loop was groomed and track set, but that the warm weather had made it impossible to do the rest as the groomer kept over heating.  He suggested though, that we at least take the small detour to Dee's Cabin.

So we headed out, turning right at the first fork in the trail to do the loop in a counter clockwise direction.  Chris decided to demonstrate how Squatch had fallen there last year, and began flailing around like a crazy person on the ground while making pitiful whining noises, not realizing Bubbie had the GoPro on and was filming the whole thing.

They had told me there was a bit of a hill…a bit of a hill?  The whole first kilometre was uphill.  It wasn't steep, just a really long incline that had me huffing for breath and losing feeling in my legs.  Eventually, we got to another fork, and took the short detour loop to get to the cabin.  This meant more up hill, and after a few minutes I started getting a really bad headache.  This continued through the whole day, and only got worse by the time we got home.  I seriously thought I'd burst something in my brain with all the exertion.  

The cabin was nice though.  And the trail was really great.  As the Park employee had said, once we turned to go to the cabin, there was no tracks, and the icy spots made going down hill a bit scary for Bubbie and I.  We took off our skis for some of them, but once we got back to nice tracks, we stopped doing that.  Chris wasn't impressed.  I don't know why he gets so upset about us doing that.  It's not like it's hurting him any, and besides, I was carrying not only the GoPro, but my DSLR as well.  I'm certain he'd have been far more upset had he had to buy me a new camera and lens because I fell on it.

After we got back to the car, we packed up and headed to the Visitor Centre to pick up some drinks, then went to the Costello Creek Picnic area.  Unfortunately, it didn't look like there had been much melting there at all.  The picnic tables still had a foot of snow on them.  At home, we were down to just the snowbanks, everything else was bare ground.  It's amazing what a few hours driving distance makes.

Because we'd all been so hot after skiing, we'd taken off our snow pants and didn't feel like putting them back on, so we just ate in the car.  Kind of lame, I know.  But it didn't put a damper on our day at all.  Lots of fun was had by all.

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