Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Moose Spotting Trip - May 3, 2014

This weekend was supposed to be spent camping at Rock Lake.  As anyone following the annual ice out news is probably aware, Rock Lake's opening was delayed.  Our back up plan was to stay at Mew Lake, but the weather didn't look promising at all, in fact, the whole week prior to our planned trip had been rain, rain and more rain.

After finding two small leaks in our Boler, we decided it would be best not to risk it.  We hoped it would only rain lightly, but nothing is ever certain.  It turned out, Saturday was a pretty wet day.  We did, however, manage to get up and do a drive through looking for moose.

As per usual, we stopped at Henriettas for some pastries and did our drive through.  Spotted 3 moose this time.  One at km 2, one at the little clearing across from the Pog Lake campground entrance, and one that was way back in the bush (can't remember the km mark) which was really hard to spot.

Lunch at the visitor's centre a quick pop into the Opeongo road to look for ducks and then we headed home.  Kind of a let down after spending months looking forward to a weekend of camping, but I suppose even a brief visit is better than a day spent watching television.

Total moose for 2014 - 11

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