Friday, May 31, 2013

Experiments in camp food

I've spent the last few days watching tons of videos on YouTube on camp cooking, everything from dutch oven meals to making a full breakfast on one little firebox stove.  I've gotten some good ideas and am eager to try them out...if only the weather would cooperate!

The other night I managed to adapt this recipe for sweet and spicy meatballs from 70theprofessor.  I made some tweaks because I wasn't sure how hot it would be and I knew the kids wouldn't eat it if it was too spicy.  They both liked it (Squatch more than Bubbie) and Squatch even said "Hey! You could make this camping if you dehydrated everything." I'm so proud!  I'm sure you're thinking...can you dehydrate meatballs?  I would imagine not, so what I did was cooked up some ground beef with onions and a little garlic salt, then added the sauce ingredients and let it cook down.

I'm going to try it with dehydrating the ingredients, then I'll post the actual recipe or maybe I'll get ambitious and actually make a video.

Another recipe I made this week was a cornbread recipe from oarsweb but since no grocery stores sell packaged cornbread mix around here, I had to make the base from scratch.  I used a recipe from World Championship Dutch Oven Cookbook but any cornbread recipe should work.

My intention was to make this in the dutch oven, but of course it was raining so I just made it the oven. It turned out really well.  Next time, I'll make it in the DO, maybe when we go camping.  It makes way more than the four of us can eat in one meal, and while normally I would eat it without problem for the next day or two, I was leery of the whole corn in it.  I'm sure it would have been fine but it seemed weird to me.  Anyway, the point is, for just the four of us, I think I'd half the recipe and use a 8" dutch oven (when I get one) or maybe make it in a small cast iron skillet.

Anyone else try any new camp recipes?  Tonight I'm hoping to try a unrolled cabbage roll recipe that should be easy to adapt to a dehydrated camp meal...fingers crossed!

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