Monday, April 29, 2013

Day Trip: Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Yesterday we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and took a picnic to Sibbald Point Provincial Park.  The kids too their metal detectors and scoured the beach looking for treasures but only managed to find a few pennies, a metal tent beg and a toy car.  There were lots of pop tabs and bottle caps, and a few nails...even a bobby pin (which was hard to find!  It looked like a little twig covered in dirt.)

As I didn't have much at home for making a picnic, we stopped at a grocery store on the way.  It's actually kind of hard to find things to put together a picnic when you don't have plates, utensils or anything.  I managed to buy plates and some plastic cutlery, but cutting into the wrapping of a piece of kielbasa with a flimsy plastic fork wasn't easy.  It was doable, but I mangled the kielbasa pretty badly.

I think I'll have to put together a little kit for impromptu picnics to keep in the car.  At the very least, we should keep a steak knife in the glove compartment...except after we use it and I bring it in to wash, I probably won't remember to put it back.

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