Monday, February 4, 2013

A Fast Fix For the Winter Blues

February is a hard month for me.  It's about a month until I can start booking summer camp trips, it's cold, blustery and yet spring is so tantalizingly close.  By March, you can usually count on a bit milder weather for those ski or snow shoe trips (I remember snowboarding in a t-shirt on March Break) but right now, it's -15, and I have three layers on while sitting in the house.

I usually feel silly for re-watching youtube videos of people's trip logs, until I read an article in the recent issue of Fresh Juice, a Canadian magazine with the usual assortment of recipes, diet advice and health articles.  They had a short article about how going out into the wilderness is good for you.  Not only is it good for your emotional state, but apparently there's some evidence it can help boost your ability to fight colds, flu and even cancer.

I'm not sure how much scientific evidence there is, but last night, I swear I was starting to get the first nigglings of a cold.  Sore throat, nose a little sniffly, and sinus headache.  I thought for sure I'd wake up with a full blown cold, but to my surprise, I was fine this morning.  Did my watching trip log videos help?  No idea, but it's incentive enough for me to keep watching them.

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