Thursday, June 21, 2012

Food Barrel Harness

A few posts back I mentioned the blue food barrel Chris got at the Barrie Automotive Flea Market and how we were going to try and get a harness for it soon.

Today, we decided to head to Wild Rock Outfitters in Peterborough to check on the price of their harnesses and to get a copy of the Ganaraska Trail Handbook.  Much to my disappointment, they didn't have any copies of the handbook in stock.  To make it even more depressing, the harness for a 60L barrel was $89.99.

We decided to go back to our original plan to make something out of an old backpack or even something from scratch.  On the way back to the car, we decided to check out Sarges Army Surplus which is right around the corner from Wild Rock, hoping we could find a cheap, used pack that we could modify.

Not pretty but it works
Instead, we bought a US army duffel bag because it looked like the opening would be big enough to fit the barrel but we weren't sure.  We figured, though, if it didn't fit, we'd still use it for camping, for lugging sleeping bags and the tent, and if all else failed, we could use it for hauling laundry to the laundromat when things get backed up.

When we got home, I immediately tried it out, and let me tell you it was a tight fit.  I got to the bulge in the middle and couldn't get it any further...Chris got it in there though.  Took a while, lots of wiggling, shaking and tugging but its in there.  We may never get it back out.  Anyway, for $29 its not a bad deal. The straps aren't very padded but I can add to them if necessary.  I'm not entirely sure how much weight it will be able to handle.  You think military gear and you assume it will be tough, but I'll keep an eye on the strap to make sure it's holding up.  We probably wouldn't put heavy things in it anyway, mostly dehydrated food, maybe our little sleeping bags and camp pillows so they don't get wet.

In order to get a copy of the Ganaraska Trail Guidebook, we ended up going to Port Hope, to the Furby House Bookstore.  Its a really cute store, very open and with some really cool journal type books on display.  I also got a copy of Oak Ridges Moraine Trails by Katherine Jacob

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