Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trail Review: Emily Tract - take 2

We returned to the Emily Tract for another hike the other day and decided to do the full 2 loops totaling 2km. The second loop starts after the bridge halfway through the first loop. We went to the left, and right away noticed this loop was a bit hillier than the first (there is one fairly steep hill that takes you to a bit of a look out over a farm at the very back of the loop) but it was also quite pretty.

One interesting thing about this trail was the plaque with information about musclewood trees, also known as the blue beech. If you run your hands over the bark, it feels like rippled muscle. Very cool. You can find more information here. There were also a lot of areas where you're going through cedars which I love. Cedar trees make a kind of clattering sound when the wind picks up and it always reminds me of the scene in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves where the Sheriff's men come into the forest and there are bones hanging from the trees. It's eerie and gives me goosebumps every time. I can't help but look out for ghosts.

There were a lot of side trails that were marked with pink tape but we weren't sure where they went and didn't have time to explore them. Also, after the hill and look out, we saw a lot of sap buckets obviously belonging to the farmer whose house we could see from the look out.

There is one geocache on the Emily Tract. I haven't tried to find it yet but will on my next time through.
---That "Loony" Skunk GC1983M

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